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MSEF is happy to offer a new experimental race option for our younger athletes in the Northern Division.  U8-U12 male and female athletes will compete in a mixed-gender slalom race on Monday 1/15/17.  This race is possible due to the extensive effort and time of our Race Organizing Committee, however U.S. Ski and Snowboard does not recognize the mixed gender event at this point in time.  Given that it is a non-scored race, our Race Organizing Committee supports the opportunity for young racers to test their skills against all of their peers. 

How will the mixed gender race be run?

Male and Female U8-U12 athletes will be run by birth year.  For all U8-U12 athletes, start order will run from youngest birth year (2011) to oldest birth year (2006), and will be randomized within each birth year.  After the last 2006 has run, the U14 women will run, then U16 women, then U14 men, then U16 men.  All competitors will run on the same course for the first run.

The second run will run in the same order as the first run with the exception that each competitor will run in reverse order within their age class.

How will the mixed gender awards work?

Within each birth year, female and male athletes will be awarded 1st-3rd place medals and ribbons for 4th-10th place finishers.  These results will be posted on the Northern Division website and Facebook account.

All results posted to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard website will be done in separate genders.  Results that show up in the athlete’s profile on the U.S. Ski & Snowboard website will be based on finishing results within each gender and may not match the results earned in the mixed gender event.

What about team awards?

The results from Saturday’s GS race and Sunday’s SL race will be used to determine the team award.  Results from Monday’s mixed gender and single-gender events will not be considered for team award scoring.