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Northern Division
Western Region U16 Championships
March 16 - 19, 2017
Big Sky Resort

    Travel  March 15
    Train SG (mandatory) & Skillsquest March 16
    Race SG March 17
    Race Men GS; Women SL March 18
    Race Men SL; Women GS March 19

Divisional Staff (4):

    Lucas Matelich MSEF (Head Coach)
    Emily Danza BSF
    Pete Petry SRSEF
    John Steitz MARS

Cost:  This is an estimated cost due prior to race departure and is based on athlete/4 coach participation.  This will change depending on actual athlete attendance and real costs, which will be reconciled once all receipts are turned in and expenses are accounted for.  Adjustments will then be made accordingly.  Please note that Coaches expense includes per diem (food) and their portion of lodging.  Coaches transportation covers the cost of getting coaches to the race and back, meaning this cost is not optional.  All athletes pay for this regardless of how they get to the race series.  Whether or not the coach will have room in the vehicle for athletes must be handled through the coach.  This is a Championship event, so athletes are required to lodge as a team.  Administrative expenses are necessary to cover office expenses (paper, postage, Internet, fax, telephone, etc.) throughout the season and wax costs cover divisional wax orders and inventories.  Athletes do their own online Entries.  Lifts and Lodging are self-explanatory.  


    Per athlete estimate

    Coaches & Coaches' Transportation


    Administration Fee








    Entry Fee, Banquet




    Total Amount if Paid by Check


    Total Amount if Paid by Credit Card


    *Deduct lifts if you have a season pass, but let Sherri know so she does not purchase lifts for your athlete.  ($1106 by check; $1161 by credit card.)

All athletes are required to have all required paperwork into the divisional office by 3/14/2017.  Payment options:

  • Mail Check along with registration form.
  • Email credit card payment using the registration form
  • Online payment using Blue View Button from Sherri.  You need to tell Sherri you are doing this and HOW, so she can email you the right button.:
    • Pay with Bank Account -- no 5% fee.  Sherri will email you the "button".
    • Pay with Credit Card.  There is a 5% processing fee which Sherri will add on when she sends the button.
    • Apply credits on file.  Email Sherri about this.  She will adjust the invoice for the credits and if you are paying by CC, will apply the 5% and send you the button"

Please note that USSA, Western Region and Northern Division policy requires pre-payment of trip fees.  Honest.  No Exceptions. 

Coaches:  Email Sherri Hale, Northern Division Manager, at nodivmanager@northernussa.org or call her at (406) 871-7429 (Cell) with any questions and travel plans.

Selected Racers:

    Men's Selections


    Max Larimer BSF
    Camas Rinehart MARS
    Weston Littman Roeder MSEF
    Devin Beale MARS

Women's Selections


Annika Severn-Eriksson MARS
Riley Asbell BSF
Sydney Rogers BSF
Cameron Leo SRSEF
Violet Newhouse BSF



Only Breakfast and banquet are included in this estimate.  Coaches will give athletes and parents instruction regarding team meetings and waxing.   

Parents - Please see race announcement for details about Parent Lift tickets, Parent Reception/Forum and Banquet $38 (limited tickets get them ONLINE early)  

Link to online Banquet http://bssef.com/event/2017-western-regional-u16-championship-banquet/  


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