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ND FALL Meeting Minutes
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Hampton Inn, Bozeman

Call to Order: 9:20 a.m.

Welcome/ Identification of Members present:  Rick Duncan, Sherri Hale, Bob Petitt, Jeremy Ueland, Roger Bay, Roy Loman, Larue Seitz-Dettori, Emily Danza, Andy Fitzhugh, April Greer, Jason Moore, Chad Sebade, Rick McGrath, Kevin Francis, Swithin McGrath, Lucas Matelich, Eric Newman, Bruce Krueger, John Steitz, Lisa Densmore Ballard, Pete Petry, Sverre Nyquist, Fran Noel, Tom Newhouse, Terrence Smith, Doug Roberts, Shannon Schad, Peter Bedell, Chris Calkins, Dan Elliott, Syvie Coston, Grant Ness

Approval of Minutes from Fall 2014 General Meeting ~ approved unanimously

Old Business:

  • Report of President ~ Great year.  Geographics always a challenge in the past for this division and also as we move forward.  Other obstacles for us continue to be recruitment and retention of athletes in the sport.  We have done a good job holding onto coaches in our division.  Another challenge we face every season is the calendar.  There is no ideal calendar.  We do our best to accommodate every level as best we can, but our calendar is driven from the Nor-Am level on down and we are left with that to work around.  The calendar will be presented for approval this morning.  Also, we have been working on our By-laws to get them into line with what USSA has recommended and we will vote on those today as well.  As for officials, we always need to keep getting the word out about getting more of those certified at every one of our areas and among our various clubs.
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, etc...)
    • BSSEF:  Things are good, planning fall camps at Jackson and Sun Valley, a few slight changes to staff, numbers remain good
    • BSF:  Good summer camp in Europe, fall camps planned for Jackson and Panorama, coaching somewhat same, but still being determined, younger numbers up, still about the same in older and PG athlete numbers, doing some fine tuning of our branding, just good changes
    • BHST:  Homologated for some FIS and USSA racing ~ looking forward to hosting their first YSL ~ they are excited to be holding up the far eastern side of the Northern Division
    • WMRT: Things are going well, median age of athletes seems to be moving up slightly, going to have some fill in older level athletes, staff pretty much the same, camps planned all through November at Pano and another at Banff
    • RMC:  Jerry was at ACC meeting last night, but not here today.  Had some great athletes with good points, lots of foreigners.
    • MSU:  Fall Camp planned at Jackson, good recruits this year, dryland has started and is going well, had vehicle wrapped, ,looking really good and that always helps get support for the program, says team is on the UP
    • Great Divide: Have good Mighty Mite numbers, strongest numbers in long while, doing good in Helena
    • SRSEF:  All good – around 50 or so for numbers – lost some and gained a few.  Picked up a few coaches in September, Mallory Kelly – have a new board President, fundraising, Master’s event Dec 14-15, which coaches can enter for ¼ point in continuing education
    • DSEF:  New president, excited for YSL Champs
    • MSEF:  (almost left them out  ~ sorry Lucas!) Numbers are up ~ 60 young ones in Grizzly program, 45 YSL and 15 older athletes.  Same coaching staff- Fall Camps Panorama ~ noted that WR Youth Coordinator Darryl Whitaker may be planning a level 200 for 2nd week or so of December (13-15th?) ~ contact Lucas if you are interested
  • ACC overview –Jeremy Ueland
    • Western Region, Rules and Alpine Sports Committee Updates ~ went over helmet rule and requirement that they must have the sticker on the outside ~ without it, your athlete will not get to race.  Discussed 60” pole rule for U14’s and that all events scored and non-scored must use homologated gate panels.  Course Setting and Equipment Matrixes were discussed – noting that some of the ski companies are not in compliance (Dynastar?)  This and other information can be found on our learning network on our home page under the resources tab according to Sherri.  FIS rule ~ athletes must have at least 120 points or under in any event (SL, GS, SG,SC) to enter FIS races in Canada or So. Hemisphere.  
    • Coaches Education & Clinics ~ told MSEF they should check with Haley and make sure that level 200 is on the schedule ~ coaches with level 300 or above can hold their own level 100’s for their own clubs, just let Haley know that it is happening.  
    • Sylvie’s Project ~ Sylvie Coston ~ Sylvie presented Power Point for her senior project which has been partially funded through gifts, but the Kelly Brush grant did not come through.  They are putting her in contact with the US Team member’s families who succumbed to an avalanche hoping they can help fund a part of her project.  She has arranged for clubs to contact their local avalanche center for training and collect $10 per attendee and forward all proceeds to the divisional manager to fund next year’s training.  The training cost for each session is $400.  
    • Calendar Finalization and Approval ~ calendar is presented BSF makes motion to approve, Whitefish 2nds, motion fails because Jeremy would like to change the Big Sky YSL from 2 GS/1 SL to 1 GS/2 SL ~ Jeremy makes motion with the amendment Wfish 2nds, calendar is unanimously approved.  
    • Action Items ACC : By Laws updated;  motion to approve by Lisa, Roy 2nds, motion passes.  Motion to require FIS athletes (PG’s), but not rostered college athletes~to make a deposit (non-refundable if they pull) when they confirm a FIS event she does entry for.  Jeremy made motion, SRS 2nd’s ~ motion approved.  
  • Officials’ Chair Report – Bob Petitt
    • Officials Clinics ~ let Bob know if there are any other needs; RA and Timing today only because those take a lot longer
    • Membership/Communicate to Bob~let Bob know if you are not current today when you become current, so he does not have to keep checking the USSA site to see
    • Bloomfire Learning Network~ great resource ~ use it – lots of good info there and great place to ask questions ~ learn things ~ find it on our site under the resouces tab.  Join by registering (free) and getting a user id and password.  
  • Northern Division Manager – Sherri Hale - Financial Overview & Travel Issues
    • Current Financials~ went over fiscal year end June 2015 ~ good year due to additional bonus head tax this last year from hosting Tri-Divisionals in our division – went over budget for this season anticipating head tax to be less and membership money to go down slightly.  
    • Northern Division Paperwork~due BY December 1st for all U14 and older athletes!  Please do not wait until last minute.  Sherri will put out list of who has turned theirs in every few weeks until then for clubs.  College teams need to get rosters to me and have their athletes fill out Medical Release and Indemnification (Hold Harmless form)
    • Intents/Race attendance confirmation ~ handled above during ACC recommendations.  Had problems last season with late pulls and this led Sherri to request non-refundable deposits for FIS athletes (not on college rosters) and PG’s upon confirmation.  
    • Austin King Memorial~AK Rocket Award~$500 (fully funded for four annual scholarships by Stevenson family) for a U14 or first year U16 to be awarded at championship event.  Applications will open Feb 1st and due by March 1st annually.  See Northern Handbook and website for application requirements.   
    • Yearbook –  Paul Bussi  Paul showed a PowerPoint of his plan which is in line with what schools provide for sports teams.  He will help again with the layout of the Yearbook and will send the division something in writing for us to sign.  There also may be apparel to purchase.  
    • Fundraising~3rd Annual Performance Drive in progress through the end of December.  Funding will be used to benefit all athletes in the division.  Anyone interested in serving on the fundraising committee is asked to contact the divisional manager.  
  • ND Board
    • By Laws~ New By-Laws were discussed and recommendation from the ACC that they get approved with the changes USSA recommended and the alternating of officer elections so that the entire board would not be replaced in any year.  
    • Nominations (if any) and Election of Officers ~ Rick Duncan (President) announced five nominations for board positions:  Roy Loman, Tony Nunnikhoven, Richard Kramer, Tim Hinderman and Sverre Nyquist.  Since it is an odd year, Vice President and Secretary positions are up for re-election this year.  Also, since the treasurer has not been able to make the past three meetings, that position will be filled for this year as it will come up again next year for re-election.  Rick asked for nominations for Treasurer.  Swithin nominated Sverre Nyquist for Treasurer.  Lisa 2nds.  Sverre is unanimously elected as Treasurer for this year.  Rick asked for nominations for Secretary.   Tim Hinderman is nominated for Secretary by John Steitz.  Roger 2nds.  Tim is unanimously elected as Secretary.  Nominations for Vice President are made from the floor the remaining three candidates for Vice President, with Roy Loman up for re-election.  A paper vote is taken, with Roy Loman re-elected again as Vice President.  Manager will arrange for new Treasurer Sverre to be added to bank accounts signature cards replacing former Treasurer Jeff Haller.   

Meeting Plan and New Business:

Winter ND ACC meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 6th at Bridger Ski Foundation

No new business ~ Meeting is adjourned.  Officials Updates and Clinics to follow.  


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