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ND ACC Spring/Summer Meeting Agenda
Friday, May 19th   5:00 p.m.
Stone Creek Lodge, Missoula

Call to Order:  5:35 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present: Sherri Hale, ND; Greg Larson, Msla; Jerry Wolf, RMC; John Steitz, MARS; Roy Loman, FVSEF; Zak Anderson, FVSEF, Tim Hinderman, FVSEF; Roger Bay, BSF; Jason Moore, BSF; Emily Danza, BSF; Kristi Borge; Maverick; Pete Petry, SRST; Vanessa Selby; SRST; Ryan Ludemann, DSEF; Craig Krueger; GDST; Chad Sebode, BHST

Approval of Minutes from Winter ACC Meeting

  • Motion to approve: Greg Larson/Approved

Old Business:

  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)
    • Reports from BSEF, Maverick/Pioneer, Silver Run, Great Divide, Discovery, Terry Peak/Black Hills, Whitefish/FVSEF, MARS, Rocky Mountain College, Missoula, BSSEF
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & others
    • Jeremy announced that Rick Duncan will be resigning as President at the fall meeting.  Rick will run the fall meeting and will facilitate the second Strategic Planning session.  Be on the lookout for a replacement for Rick.
    • Congress Update: see notes attached.
      • New USSA Website coming, New logo/branding being rolled out “US Ski & Snowboard”
      • U.S. Ski & Snowboard Membership up 6.2%, Clubs up 9.5%
      • New U.S. Ski & Snowboard Equipment Rules adopted for U-16 & older – see attached
      • New course setting matrix – see attached
      • Quota changes – US Nationals and U16 Nationals
      • Approved Optional Seeding for U14 & under races: seed by birth year with mixed gender. (Fall meeting topic)
      • U.S. Ski & Snowboard is encouraging divisional dual test event – single pole slalom set
      • U.S. Ski & Snowboard on-line registration required for all Western Region events
      • Western Region will send U14’s to 2018 Whistler Cup – proposed 6M & 6W
      • Coaches Certification – level 100 will be available with on-line modules plus final on-snow.
      • Officials – Please Pay U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership dues prior to updates & clinics
      • Skills Quest – encourage clubs & coaches to utilize it with season training progression.
    • Northern Summer Camps and 2018 Projects
      • MARS fall camp in Europe. Details TBA
    • Update from Winter Planning Meeting (Rick)
      • Rick will schedule second half
    • Tentative Calendaring for 2018 to follow ACC Meeting
      • Western Series & Eastern Series concept introduced
  • Northern Division Manager - Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • College Athlete participation discussion
      • Head Tax is paid lump sum in ND “College Races” e.g. Red Lodge race
      • Will be on Fall Meeting agenda
    • Financials – see attached (not provided to webmaster)
      • Revenue down $6,000 in head tax (860 starts)
      • Due to reduction in YSL participation and YSL races
      • Alaska Fund ($2.00 from head tax) up to $7,500
    • Membership Update
      • Membership is down at U8 & U10 levels
    • Motion by Jeremy: Add $750 to Alaska fund for distribution 2018 Championships. $750 per athlete. Vote: approved to make recommendation at Fall Meeting.
  • Proposals:
    • John – see attached; Proposal 1 voted down; Proposal 2 Tabled; Proposal 3 voted down; Proposal 4 withdrawn by John; Proposal 2 withdrawn by John
    • Paul – see attached for U14-U16 test event; amended from “non-scored” to “scored”; Approved
  • Calendar Session
    • Discussed/Approved Guidelines
      • There will be a test event for a combined U14-U16 only event
      • YSL Championships will not be a qualifier so it can be scheduled later
      • Motion Approved: There will be at least 4 Sl & 4 GS qualifying opportunities for U14 and U16.
      • There will be an open test YSL weekend with an Eastern Race and a Western Race
      • Discovery wants to hold a speed camp for U12 and younger. Date to be determined.  
    • Motion to approve draft calendar to be finalized at Fall Meeting. Approved by general membership.
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Fall Meeting 2017
    • Fall Meeting will possibly be a “Congress” held in Bozeman – ACC Meeting Friday eve October 13,  General Meeting October 14th with officials updates/education to follow.  Location tbd.  

Adjourned 10:55 PM


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