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Northern Division
ND ACC Winter Meeting Minutes
Saturday, February 6th, 2016   6 p.m.
Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT

Call to Order:  6:11 p.m.  

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Sherri Hale, Dave Hedstrom, Roger Bay, Lucas Matelich, Pete Petry, Craig Krueger, Betsy Sayler, Emily Danza, Jerry Wolf, John Steitz, Jeremy Ueland,  Sverre Nyqui 

Approval of Minutes from Fall ACC Meeting:  John moves to approve minutes with two changes – Big Sky 2nds and passes unanimously  

Old Business:

  • Season/Program Status – clubs report on their current overall events to date, program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)
    • Big Sky – all good, snow, mountain all good,
    • Discovery – Rick not on Board anymore, he will be the CR- excited about YSL Champs – early starts planned – good rates on lifts
    • Whitefish – doing great
    • RMC- doing well – too big and appreciate Northern helping us out and Bridger helping them out.  All about Northern.  Regionals coming up at Red Lodge.  
    • BHST – first race, good weather, good snow
    • GDST – good, program maintaining numbers, good snow this year, could have held a race – good training all the way
    • Silver Run – ok – not much snow, good training, not much free-skiing, mountain very supportive, steady
    • Missoula – all ready for race
    • BSF – going well – a little soft on the snow, but good
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & Officials Chair
    • Western Region – discussed FIS racing and speed, the coaches forum planned for Snow King, Sherri mentioned that prior to the April 20th meeting, there will be proposals that come forward and we need to all weigh in and let our representatives know where we stand on those issues.  Projects and Proposals are always posted on the Western site, so go there and stay up to date.  
    • Coaches (Jeremy) Roger did level 100 in Alaska, Red Lodge had one, Roy did one, with Darryl and Missoula also, Craig did a level 100 at Discovery, Big Sky did a Level 200 – follow-up is very key, so make sure you follow up and make sure they are finishing & Officials Update (Rick – updates happened at Fall Meeting, some officials there, two in Missoula, one at Red Lodge, one at Whitefish – please don’t wait until last minute)
    • Team Scoring & Awards ~ Discuss for OHG – Team Scoring – Team Dolche – top 3 from each team is scored supposed to be happening at both YSL’s and older junior races.  Candy Jar awarded for overall at end of YSL, and top three teams are to be named for each day.  Same for older athletes, except clubs are to provide an overall team award last day of series.   
    • Northern Projects – update on how everything has gone do far and waxing kits all updated and will be ready for championship events
  • Northern Division Manager – Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Financials – head tax coming in slower, so Sherri asked that organizers reconcile as soon as possible after the event is over.  USSA had to do check requests and many clubs have been procrastinating.  Not sure why because one would think they would want their money.  Sherri needs the cash flow to get through the winter.  
    • Northern Division Paperwork – deadline seems to be a problem; the information apparently is not getting from the clubs to the athlete’s parents.  The deadline was sent to clubs, was also put up on the website, Facebook and Twitter.   
    • Yearbook – will be sold at the YSL Champs and OHG
    • Austin King Memorial Scholarship –AK Rocket Award – let everyone know the deadline is March 1st and application process
    • Fundraising – update – performance drive funds down slightly for this year.
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Spring/Summer Meeting 2016   
    • forgot to set Spring Meeting date

New Business:


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