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ND ACC Spring Meeting Minutes
Saturday, May 21st   8:00 a.m.
Mt. Hospital Association, Helena, MT
2526 Winne Ave.  

Working Group Session Opened at 8:06 a.m.

Meeting Called to Order:  1:15 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jerry Wolf, Jeremy Ueland, Craig Krueger, Sherri Hale, Rick Duncan, Vanessa Selby, Pete Petry, Chad Sebade, Ryan Ludeman, Shannon Schade, Dave Hedstrom, Greg Larson, Mitch Eddy, John Steitz, Emily Danza, Jason Moore

Approval of Minutes from Winter ACC Meeting:  Craig moved to approve minutes Jeremy 2nd’s approved; Minutes approved unanimously

Old Business:

  • Jeremy brought up ACC’s from By-laws and discussed attendance requirements.  Noted who had ACC members proxy for the meeting.  It was noted that the by-laws allow the manager to appoint members to the ACC.  After some discussion, it was determined that since Rick Jacobs has not been able to be in attendance for some time, so Sherri reported that Lucas Matelich will be appointed to the ACC in Rick’s place.  It was also noted by many members that Lisa Densmore has missed most meetings and generally attends only Fall Meetings.  Craig moved to recommend that Lisa’s spot be filled by Pete Petry and Jeremy 2nd.  Discussion included her contributions and experience.  Craig proposed an amendment that the ACC add another Master’s spot on the ACC and Lisa could serve on that.  Unanimously passes.  Pete will now serve in Lisa’s former position and the Master’s position on the ACC will be proposed at the Fall meeting.  
  • President’s Report of Season – No real report, was a good season.  Rick noted that Northern coaches and clubs work well together and as a division we are cohesive and because of that things work smoothly.  Some divisions do not have that.  
  • Season/Program Status – clubs report on their current overall events to date, program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)
    • RMC – Jerry reported things are status quo, team will do the usual and go to FIS U’s to stay on their A game – want to continue to work with Northern Division – a few athletes graduating, the freshman (Slovenian) will be coming back.  
    • John Steitz – reporting the forming of a new club called Montana Alpine Race School (MARS) foundation – lots of work to get that done, but they plan to have summer camps and camps and are working on training space possibly at Whitefish.  
    • FVSEF – Mitch reporting that they are reorganizing the academy program – they will again have summer camps and fall camps, (will send info to Sherri) YSL very strong
    • DSEF – board still new, but going well, coaching is always a challenge location, good plans, financially sound, was great to have an event, we worked at it and it went off well under the conditions.
    • BSF – all well, foundation and board strong, younger athlete numbers in alpine very strong, hoping coaching staff all will come back, summer camps again to Italy this summer with Emily Danza’s connections, will send info to the division as we may have room.
    • BSSEF – things are good with mountain and board, some minor changes in staff, numbers good
    • GD – good year, still strong devo team and race group, all mtn program strong – things are good
    • BHST — was great to host an event this season, board and mountain would like to again, board and staff good,  numbers continue to grow
    • MSEF – Lucas will be back and some of the same staff
    • SRS — good year.  Staff is good.  Board is good, summer camp not happening.  
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair
    • Congress/Western Region Update – Jeremy touched on the WR Vegas and Congress meetings and items.  Course setting and equipment matrixes had possible changes coming and those were noted.  Visited about Skillsquest and its importance and objective for regional level tournaments.  The region is putting together a parent handbook and will do a better job with the website next season.  Talked about the Western Region calendaring committee and how that works and how our calendaring happens from the top down making our scheduling tight and difficult.  Jeremy mentioned sites of WR Championship events.
    • Sylvie’s Project (Sylvie) – Sherri said Sylvie had planned to be here, but had a last minute work conflict.  She would instead like to send out a survey and get back to the division in the fall regarding how the Avalanche Safety program has worked and where she would like to see it going in the future.  It was noted that it was to be a self -funding project going from year-to-year, with funds raised from this season to pay for next season.  Sherri noted that she has possibly one or two bills to still pay to the Avalanche Centers and has not yet collected from FVSEF’s program.  At this time – the program has $1766 remaining in the fund.  
    • Action Items prior to calendaring ~ after lengthy discussion earlier in work session, a proposal was put forth by Jerry Wolf to change selection procedures and have just one selection board for U14’s using two tech weekends and one speed weekend event to qualify for WR U14 Regionals and Tri-Divisionals using the best two (world cup points) finishes (just as we do for the older athletes  These qualifiers would also determine the seeding columns for these athletes for competition at those regional championship events.  John 2nds.  Discussion revolves around ensuring athletes attend championship event for our division, so that would be used as one of the qualifying tech weekends.  More discussion.  Motion passes unanimously.  Motion reads – U14 athletes selections for WR U14 Regionals and Tri-Divisionals will be selected from the top down using one selection board consisting of best two world cup point results from designated technical and speed qualifiers.  Seeding for those championship events would be determined by their world cup points order on the selection board for that discipline.  (columns in SL,GS, SG)
    • Calendaring tabled to end of meeting.
  • Northern Division ManagerFinancial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Financials – Northern has another good year financially.  Sherri noted our fiscal year end is June 30 and these do not include all expenses yet for the season, most notably Congress expenses, but that we have come a long way from where the division was when she took over.  She believes we should end the year in the positive about where we did last season and noted that we now have enough money in the bank to survive a tough snow season if we needed to.  She also noted that next season, the Alaska fund will be utilized for the U16’s as they will be held in Alaska 2017-2018 and travel there is subsidized through this fund.  She also suggested that we think about how to best use funds that have been accumulating that would benefit the whole division.  
    • Sherri also made a note of the development monies and where funds generally go to.  The YSL development funds generated this season will be used for next season’s Alaska fund, YSL Champs and Northern Overall Awards.  The development funds from this season for the U16’s and older will be used for next year’s scholarships and rabbit money.  Those amounts will be available at the Fall meeting.  
    • Yearbook – Paul was once again helpful in the layout and work behind the yearbook.  Last fall he put together a proposal for the board, but it was too late for them to consider all that was in it.  Sherri suggested that he update it and the board would look over it again in the fall for consideration.  Sherri noted that clubs will have to be cooperative in parts of his proposal as he was asking for lift tickets and permission to set up and photograph.  He also was including other team photo options.  
    • Lastly, Sherri made a public apology for an error that should not have happened in figuring the Overall YSL Champs this season.  She noted that she loves the sport and that was why she wanted to do this work in the first place.  She felt horrible that she missed a DSQ in the official results as she was rushed to get results out.  She said this has never happened in the 10 years that she has been at this job and that she did apologize to all the athletes affected and also posted pics of the winners on Facebook.  One of the parents asked that she publicly apologize.  Rick noted that Western Region once had announced the top three overall winners and had made errors also, so it happens and not to take it so hard.  
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Fall Meeting 2016 – After quick discussion and looking at Fall sports dates and knowing that official’s education materials are not generally available until the 10th or so of October, the decision was made to hold one day of meetings, beginning with the ACC first thing, then the General, then Official’s Updates and Clinics on Saturday, October 22nd.

New Business:

  • Treasurer resigned – Sverre sent in his resignation to the Board recently as his family has decided to spend a year in his home country for the experience and culture.  It was noted that the two Board positions that normally come up for re-election in an even year are President and Treasurer, so this position will be open for nominations in the fall anyway.  Sherri noted that the President will be able to sign Tax Returns in the fall.  Rick made a point of saying how nice it was getting to know Sverre and how much he and his family will be missed in our division.  
  • Calendaring Draft for Season 2016-2017

Meeting adjourned approximately 4:00 pm.


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