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ND ACC Fall Meeting Minutes
Saturday, October 22
MT. Hospital Association - 2526 Winne Ave, Helena


Call to Order:  9:04 a.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jerry Wolf, John Steitz, Roy Loman, Tim Hinderman, Ryan Ludemann, Robbi Ludemann, Natalie Evenson, Kevin Broderick, Curtis Shuck, Vanessa Selby, Nicholas DeCarlo, Richard Kramer, Sharon Schac, Barry Shaw, Pete Petry, Emily Danza, Roger Bay, Nate Mclean, Dave Hedstrom, Kurt Nelson, Kristi Borge, Zak Anderson, Lucas Matelich, Toni Nunnikhoven, Rick Duncan, LaRue Seitz, Ralph Johns, Steph Irwin, Andrew Kircher, Ryan Totman

Approval of Minutes from Spring ACC Meeting: Motion to approve: Jeremy Ueland, Second Tony Nunnikhoven, Approved

Old Business:

  • Program Status Reports
  • Reports from Maverick (New Club), Missoula, Silver Run, Terry Peak, Discovery, Whitefish, Bridger, MARS, Rocky Mountain College, Great Divide, Big Sky.

  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair
    • ACC Membership/By Laws – Master’s position (Lisa)
      • Sherri previously appointed Pete to replace Lisa, and Lucas Matelich.
      • Sherri read from the bylaws the section pertaining to ACC appointments.
      • Sherri noted that 1 Athlete Representative is needed for ACC and BOD
      • Discussion regarding all clubs having representative on ACC. Tabled for later discussion.
      • Motion to recommend BOD appoint Lisa as Masters Representative Jerry Wolfe, Second John Steitz
      • Sherri will appoint Pete Petry as Athlete Representative.
      • Sherri will appoint Zak Anderson to fill final open ACC seat.
    • Alpine Sports Committee (Craig) & Western Region (Jeremy)
      • Jeremy announced coming for 2017-18 FIS & USSA U19 30 M Radius requirement for GS skis.
      • Jeremy recommended that all clubs/coaches check the latest USSA equipment matrix.
      • USSA Physical Assessment – New Guidelines being tested – send feedback/comments/suggestions to Gwynn Watkins.
      • Discussion regarding possible future FIS minimum age change from 16 to 15.
      • Course Setting: Clarification SG Training run is required for U14 & younger (The 2016-17 Comp Guide is incorrect).
      • Sherri announced that USSA is increasing head fees for scored races from $2.00 to $4.00
      • Motion by Tony Nunnikhoven, Second by Jeremy Ueland for ACC to recommend $2.00 entry fee increase for scored USSA race starts. Approved. Tech entry fees will go from $34 to $36 per start; Speed from $37 to $39.
      • Sherri announced that sanction agreements are due by November 30 or late fees will be charged.
      • Motion by Jeremy Ueland, second by Roger Bay to recommend increasing YSL entry fees to $21 to cover USSA fees for on-line registration for non-scored events.
      • Race announcements are to be submitted to Sherri and Jeremy no less than 30 days prior to races.
      • Coaches clinics – several clubs have in-club clinics planned. Communicate with Sherri or Jeremy if you have questions about scheduling an in-club clinic.
      • Host clubs are required to calculate team scores and announce daily at award ceremony.
      • Northern Projects/Championship Races: Let Sherri and Jeremy know if your club wants a coach to coach at a project/championship event.  Coaches at project/championship events must coach and represent all athletes equally.  Coaches at projects/championship events are paid only per diem, not salaries.
      • Development Fund: From $7.00 per start ND Head Tax, $2.00 goes to ND Development Fund. Generates +/- $5,000/Year. $1,500 per year goes to Alaska Fund for every fifth-year trip to Alaska. Next Alaska trip is 2018. Balance of Fund goes to ND awards and host site fee for YSL Championships. Older athlete Development Fund pays “Rabbit Fund” for low-point college athletes and Scholarship Fund for ND Gold Point leaders.  
  • Northern Division Manager: Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Financials
      • Financial report postponed until General Meeting
    • Northern Division Paperwork/Intents
      • Four forms required for U14’s & older to be considered for selection boards.  Forms are on ND Website.
      • Jeremy reported from summer meeting: If field size at YSL Championships becomes an ongoing issue, athletes planning to attend YSL Championships may be required to attend at least one other YSL race during the season.  This will not be enacted this year in 2016-17.
      • Qualification races for U14 Tri-Divisionals or Western Regional Championships will only include Bridger and the two Big Sky races. Missoula and Terry Peak will not be counted.
      • Order of groups at qualifiers will be a Jury decision made race-by-race.
      • Sherri reminded everyone to update club info on ND website – Let Sherry know if there are changes.
    • Fundraising
  • Calendar Finalization
    • Calendar is final as posted
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Winter Meeting 2017
    • Winter meeting tentatively scheduled Bridger, Friday, January 20.  (Note: the ACC meeting was moved to January 21 during the General Meeting.)

New Business:

  • Elections, General Meeting
    • Tony Nunnikhoven nominated as Treasurer.  No nominations for president

Meeting Adjourned 11:05 AM


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