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ND ACC Spring Meeting MINUTES
Friday, June 5th, 2015   12p.m.
Stone Creek Lodge, Missoula, MT

Call to Order: 12:05 p.m.  

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jason Moore, Jeremy Henrichon, Roy Loman, Tim Hinderman, John Steitz, Sherri Hale, Jeremy Ueland, Rick Duncan, Craig Krueger, Chad Sebade, Greg Larson, Bob Petitt, Jerry Wolf, Vanessa Selby, Pete Petry

Approval of Minutes from Winter ACC Meeting:  Craig motion to approve, John 2nd = all approved

Old Business:

  • President’s Season Report ~ Rick Duncan
    • Role of Board, ACC and Northern Manager:  Season went well ~ no real issues brought to his attention.  Some changes at USSA that we will talk about ~ Rick is not voting member of ACC, but Board Member, talked about background of this division and how he has been a part of this division for over 14 years and he can remember a time when this division was in debt and that has since turned around.  Encourages all of us to work together.  The ACC Charge is to recognize all the athletes and clubs and the division as a whole.  When we think about exceptions to rules think about the good of the whole.  Lots of opinions will come out today and let us all keep this in mind.
    • By-Laws:  By-laws are needed to be in line with the nation by September 30th.  We can work to get that accomplished, but not sure if we will be able to meet that or not.  Each club will review the red-line addendums to the proposed by laws and IF a club has issues or a problem with said changes, please email Rick Duncan by August 15th.  
    • May 11-17, 2016, Congress Marriott again
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status
    • BSSEF - good, same staff, minor changes, numbers good 118 alpine, some freeride and 25 Nordic, fall camp Jackson and few consecutive weekends down there, lots of kids going to Mt Hood since Bear Tooth canceled, trying to bring back a few nights of night skiing, good board right now.  
    • WMRT - active, healthy, summer camp July, a few spots left with MHA, fall camps depending on Panorama end of October into November, board active a couple new members, developing infrastructure and procedures right now, coaching status quo, 100-110 kids ages 7-19, Tommy Moe league coming back to foundation, club racing for development purposes, Collins brothers retired and gave them gate key plaques.
    • RMC - status quo 20-25, helping out Northern again in Missoula and Red Lodge.  
    • BSF - well, foundation strong now, members 500 a lot is Nordic, freestyle growing, younger athlete numbers in alpine very strong, good coaching staff this year, hoping all will come back, maybe a few new for younger numbers, summer camps Italy this summer Emily Danza connections and Roger at Mt Hood late July, club certification good process, paperwork, board stepped up and community and USSA club visit checked venues feather in cap community supports – it is a great process, check out on line what it entails, results over past years, relationship with ski area, look at older athletes and how club and division can help them.  
    • SRS - good year. Numbers 60-70 3 grads, Max going to Sun Valley to academy; coaching staff – looking for a few new ones, Pete level 200 and 300 – summer camp plans did not work – Thanksgiving Camp Jackson planned.
    • MSEF - Graduates in Missoulian today – sportsmanship great grades what it is all about – Lucas great asset – revamping of programs esp YSL – focused free skiing – really helped refill younger program – staffing consistent – going to revamp website and communication of that.  
    • BHST - new program still 40-50 athletes ages 6-17 – still learning – had a team in the 90’s and trying to bring that back – coaching staff same – all but one is level 100 and hoping to get some to 200 – hoping for mtn support and cooperation.
    • GDST - year good, std, devo team growing from 4-14, main race group 16 – around 30 all mtn program over 120 – did better job at having better focus building skills, bad snow year, staff same next year, more fundraising this year  to build up pool of equipment and space for storage etc.  things are good.  
    • DSC - Rick no longer on board, his choice, stable program, whole new board, coaching has been a challenge location, good plans, financially sound, good salary offered to someone they could bring in.
    • MSU and Showdown not present~everyone wanted to send Rick condolences, so Sherri will do for division.
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & Officials Chair
    • USSA Congress & Western Region Update.  Rules, Equipment, Age Classes, FIS out of Country, Course-setting.  Good idea to have someone present from your club to Congress and see how it works – discussion about the cancellation of the DH event and how decisions are made and how we should make them for the good of the whole division.
    • Membership pricing changes shared, age U19 class changes, equipment rules, YSL
  • Coaches (Jeremy) & Officials Update /Homologations (Bob)
    • All coaches must carry level 100 and have ref1 official license – clubs that do not, Paul Mannelin is working with USSA Coaches Education and also level 300 can do level 100 certs at their own club
    • USSA integrate official license – homologation for BHST needs to happen, Showdown is due, but may not happen…officials - Bob will do updates but only once in each location except RA and Timing clinic at Fall Meeting and an update there as well.  
    • BSF ~ USSA Club Certification ~ (Swithin)- Swithin ill – Jason touched on all this in his club update and said that if any club wants information regarding club certification process and what it entails, feel free to contact Swithin, Susan or Jason.   It is a great process and learning experience.  
  • Team Scoring & Awards (Proposal Carstensen) Peter Maxwell Carnival scoring should be happening at YSL’s _ does not have to be RA’s responsibility -anyone can do this.  Daily team scoring should be announced after each day = combining top three of each gender U14’s and younger – recognize genders and teams each day – overall weekend team award is to be given at end of event.  
    • Proposal – for older U16 + ages, consider team racing still being seeded and scoring the same, but teaming athletes of different ages and teams together for team racing.  Jason moved that we table this proposal until fall for a trial event at the OHG, 2nd Craig – discussion – good mentoring – good idea to blend in with other problems and perhaps use college athletes as captains or mentors- unanimously approved to table until Fall Meeting.  
  • Northern Projects ~ PG’s, Championship Events, Coaches Transportation, Housing (Proposal Carstensen)
    • Tri-Divisionals Snowbird – see IMD calendar – should this still be Northern project.  
    • Craig moved to include U16’s as second tier opportunity in quota, John 2nd – unanimously approved – alternates for U14 Regionals
    • Discussion about how deep to go with alternates for the U14 Regional Championship~ should a third alternate go to the regional championship.  Jeremy Henrichon made a motion that if you are selected to U14 regional champs, you cannot participate in tri-divisionals as alternative.  Only two alternates will be considered, after that the position is vacated.  Jeremy Ueland 2nd.  See amendment below.
    • Do we need the same situation for the U16’s.  Amend this to include U16’s ~ an athlete can only attend the event for which he/she was selected.  Unanimously approved
    • PG athletes:  proposal is with for PG’s with Automatic status can opt out of Northern Division project fees provided that they participate in one divisional series during the season Jason made motion, Jeremy 2nd,  Unanimously approved~ Manager unclear on how to enforce this.  
    • U14’s.  Motion:  the U14’s will have the opportunity to ski up at the U16 + series where their results would be used for selections to U14 Western Regional Championships.   U14 Tri-divisional selections will be based on  YSL Championships weekend best run out of two in each event.  Craig 2nd.  Discussion 5 against 1 for – motion fails.  
  • Northern Division Manager – Sherri reports
    • Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
      • Where we stand currently financially ~ good year, receivable in good shape
    • Membership - talked about changes in age class pricing
    • Yearbook ~ Paul Bussi – he plans to help with this going forward, was to be here to present plan, could not make meeting, Sherri handed out his plan
    • Fundraising ~ still have some working on this, but need to work more on it
    • Skier Safety~ Sylvie Coston’s plan to go in effect next season with her $500 gift
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Fall Meeting 2015   
    • Bozeman, October 17th ~ discussion to hold Congress only every other year.  Discussion also about ACC meeting in morning prior to General meeting afternoon or stay with Friday Evening ACC, Saturday General.  RA/Timing clinics and maybe update sessions figured in for the weekend if possible Sherri noted it is difficult to do an RA or Timing Clinic and Test without a full 8 hours

New Business:

  • Calendaring Proposal (see attached proposal)~ Henrichon  motion of proposal : Craig , John 2nd.  Sherri asked if we would score two or three slaloms.  Amended to score best two from each event.  John moved, Jerry seconded.  Specific to those areas - unanimously accepted
  • ACC recommends manager for 3% raise, unanimously approved even though this is technically a board decision.  
  • Calendaring Session – see draft



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