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ND ACC Fall Meeting Minutes
Friday, October 16, 2015, 6 p.m.
Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT

Call to Order:  6:04 p.m.  

Welcome/Identification of Members present:  Jeremy Ueland, Sherri Hale, Dave Hedstrom. Lisa Densmore Ballard, Jerry Wolf, Pete Petry, Roger Bay, Rick McGrath, Chad Sebade, Emily Danza, John Steitz, Rick Duncan, Roy Loman, Swithin McGrath, Bob Petitt, Tom Newhouse,  Jason Moore

Approval of Minutes from Spring ACC Meeting ~ Jerry Wolf motion to approve, Lisa 2nd ~ minutes approved

Old Business:

  • By-Laws ~ Rick Duncan Elected officer’s section ~ stagger positions if at all possible ~ Lisa made motion to amend by-laws under section 9 that officers serve a two year cycle and hold elections in even year rotation for President and Treasurer, odd year Secretary and Vice President ~ Jeremy 2nd ~ passed unanimously ~ Lisa motion to approve By laws with this addition ~ Roger 2nd Passes unanimously.  This would be an odd year and since the secretary has indicated he has not been able to attend the last three meetings, he acknowledged he could be replaced.  The Treasurer’s position would be filled this year for one year since Jeff Haller has also not attended past three meetings.  
  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...) ~ updated on Fall Camps and will give full reports at general meeting tomorrow.  Roger~ Whitefish, Msla and BSF Pano Thanksgiving ~ and Whitefish Red Lodge 2 camps Snowking – free-skiing and 5 day camp right before Thanksgiving ~ Masters rust the dust off Dec 2-5 6th 2 GS in one day
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & Officials Chair
    • Western Region -- Rules, Quotas, Equipment, Age Classes, FIS out of Country, Course-setting ~ went over Helmet, Equipment and Course Setting Matrix.  Need to have 120 USSA points or less in any discipline in order to compete in a FIS event in Canada.
    • Coaches (Jeremy) & Officials Update/Homologations (Bob) ~ homologations all online – see update for password and site - should try to help Tony with FIS TD Update ~ Bob would like to help him financially to do that ~ Roger made motion to at least cover registration fees (or maybe more) of TD Update a minimum of every other year for Tony to go….John 2nd ~ approved  Coaches clinics for level 100 can happen locally, 200 or above need to be done by USSA ~ closest 200 at this point is Steamboat
    • Mixed Team Scoring & Awards (Proposal Carstensen) ~ Tabled from Spring Meeting~ BSF ~ will refine it a bit for the older athletes and figure out how to try it at the OHG ~ will be in race announcement ~ We already are doing team scoring.  Team scoring for Peter Maxwell Carnival will still happen at every YSL event with organizer giving overall weekend ~ also should be happening at older kids races.  Roy is going to find two Bean Pots for use for the overall YSLTeam Award to be filled with candy to go from event to event.  Winning team will refill with candy for next winner.  Older athletes should get an overall team award at end of weekend series.
    • Northern Projects ~ clarification of PG proposal ~ as voted on…it was determined that athlete will be post billed for trips and other athletes credited back if athlete does not participate in a Northern series.  At this point, all athletes have the option of opting out of lodging with Northern except for Championship events for U14’s and older except for Tri-Divisionals.  
    • Selection Procedures ~ discussion of U14's ~ John Steitz brought up (again) issue with qualifiers for U14’s ~ wanted to decrease travel time and have separate qualifiers for WR U14 Champs and Tri-Divisionals.  This led to over two hours of discussion.  
    • Roger motion ~ For qualifications for U14 Western Regionals two centralized tech weekends totaling three events each and one speed weekend of three event ~ using best two of each event in tech and two of the three in speed finish for world cup point scoring John 2nds – motion failed 4 to 2.
    • Lisa made a motion.  For Western Regional U14 Qualifiers, there will be three events used with 3 races per event ~ two of the 3 events will be centrally located and 2 of the three events will be tech and one will be a speed event.  The best two world cup point results from each discipline (SL, GS, SG) will count towards qualification to the U14 Western Regional Championships.  Furthermore, all YSL races and the speed event at Big Sky are qualifiers for Tri-Divisionals.  Best two results from each discipline count towards qualification to Tri-Divisionals.  Order of selection in each discipline will determine seeding for WR 14 Regionals.  If an athlete is on both boards, but is selected for U14 WR Championships, their name will not be removed from the boards, but instead passed over.  Motion passes 3-2  
    • Sherri reminded everyone that in the last ACC meeting, the ACC voted to not allow athletes selected for either the U14 WR or U16 WR Championship Event to defer to the Tri-Divisional event.  It was decided that we would only go as far as the 2nd alternate to fill those spots or not fill the quota.  Athletes cannot attend both events.  
    • Development $ ~ College Entries/Spring WR CA/Congress/Alaska Fund
    • 10 athletes memberships ~ Roger makes motion for funding up to 1800 for USSA for RMC memberships to come from performance fund drive ~ 300 of that will come back in the form of Northern Division dues memberships~ Sherri will again take $1500 from YSL development money last season and put it towards the Alaska travel fund (CD) ~ discussion about how to fund Congress and WR fund spring meetings for WR ACC in San Francisco ~ Rick said it will just come from the general fund as we had a good financial year and money in the checking account. Voting members will attend and Sherri.    
  • Northern Division Manager -- Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • Financials ~ good year, extra gift of head taxes from tri-divisionals
    • Northern Division Paperwork/Intents/Pulls ~ $200 non- refundable deposit 14 days in advance when confirming for all Northern athletes and PG racers (not those on MSU or RMC official rosters)
    • Austin King Memorial Scholarship~AK Rocket Award~ $500 scholarship funded for next four seasons by Stevenson’s for U14 or first year U16 to be awarded at Championship event.  Will be an application process opening Feb 1 – due to divisional office by Marc 1st.  Will be in Northern handbook.  
    • Fundraising ~ Performance Fund Drive in process until December 31st ~ all money goes to benefit all Northern athletes
  • Calendar Finalization ~ a few small changes ~ one YSL undecided determined via paper votes ~ goes to Big Sky.  Calendar unanimously approved for recommendation.  
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Winter Meeting 2016 ~ discussion of Terry Peak, but decided to have Saturday, 2/6 night 6 pm. ACC at Bridger Ski Foundation during the U14 Ski Up and WR U14, U16 and WRJC Qualifiers (as most people would be there for that event)   

New Business:



Meeting adjourned well after midnight.  


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