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ND ACC Fall Meeting Agenda
Friday, October 13th 6:00 p.m.
Foundant Technologies, Bozeman

Call to Order:  6:00 p.m.

Welcome/Identification of Members present:

Approval of Minutes from Spring/Summer ACC Meeting

Old Business:

  • Program Status – clubs report on their current overall program status (staffing, funding, events, etc...)
  • ACC Chair Report – ACC Chair & others
    • ACC position open – Manager can appoint
    • Western Region;
      • Online Registration required for all Western Region events
      • Projects
      • Changes in calendar for Spring Series and some dates of others
    • Northern Division Business:
      • One ACC Position open
      • Dual Test event
      • Optional seeding by birth year with mixed genders for YSL
      • Equipment Rules
      • Course-Setting
      • College Athletes and Head Tax
      • Discovery Speed Camp for U12’s & younger
    • Proposals from BSF
    • Update from Strategic Planning Session (Rick/Tim) – need a development plan from our division to the region by spring
    • Finalize Calendar & Recommendation to General Membership
  • Northern Division Manager – Financial Overview & Travel Issues:
    • New Branding
    • SafeSport
    • Membership Update/Paperwork
    • Intents
    • Financials
  • Goals and Tentative Schedule for Winter Meeting 2018

New Business:


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